Concrete works performer on projects, so called „wet processes”, require use of appropriate methods (systems) of formworks directly on worksite. We realize and develop technologies allowing us to reduce production stages. During performance of construction works, we use following formwork solutions:

  • “Lost” formwork – made of different materials:
    • wooden
    • plywood
    • steel

They are used on elements in places with have difficult access or in the ground to backfill them.  They are used generally during foundation works and / or for foundations of windmills.

  • One usage formwork – these formworks serve to shape unique construction elements. They are used generally during rising of complicated elements, e.g. bridges, foundations, dams, vaults single and multi-curvature, during rising of unusual or usual concrete constructions.
  • Reusable formwork – these formworks serve to shape repeatable elements, they are composed of systems (DOKA, PERI etc.) of discs with special connectors, forming whole surfaces, appropriately stiffened. We are working on both system and wooden formworks.

During the execution of construction works, we use following formworks:

  • moveable (inventoried) – suitable during construction of buildings with skeletal, frame, board structure and on ribbed and mushroom ceilings
  • sliding – used for construction of tunnels, channels, uncovered trench shaped warehouses, thin-walled vault
  • slipping – used in construction of box foundations, containers, silos, chimneys, multi-storey buildings walls

To facilitate works and in order to keep the fluidity of works, as well as the project planning, we propose also crane operator services

After execution of formwork and reinforcement, the following services would be concreting, which includes:

    • placing of concrete mix (container, pump, conveyor)
    • compaction (vibrators)
    • maturation and concrete care (humidification, covering, cosmetic works)

It’s worth to mention that our company installs also concrete prefabricated elements, mainly prefabricated slabs and walls for residential and public buildings, as well as installation of stairs and balconies.

As every project is different and requires different quality and strength of concrete, our work processes are monitored by quality plans according to ISO 9001 norms. All works are supervised by our supervisors, which for many years are cooperating with us and gained experience on many projects.