We provide services of anticorrosive works. Anticorrosive works cover the security of whole steel and concrete surfaces (also renovations by systemic solutions, like: Dieterman,  Schomburg, Tikkurila, Hempel Addiment).

Scope of works:

  1. preparation of surfaces by abrasive blast method
    1. dry (copper abrasive)
    2. wet (sand in the buffer zone of water)
  1. preparation of surfaces by mechanical method, if needed by non-sparking tools, or using chemicals
  2. application of all available paint sets and preparations by hand method, pneumatic  shower or hydrodynamic „ airless”
  3. restoration activities as prevention of effects of aging of coatings and extension of objects exploitation period

Anticorrosive services are carried out on:

  • electrostatic precipitators
  • supporting construction near cauldrons
  • chemical installations
  • steel constructions
  • brine containers