Lambda SA, is engaged in thermal insulation works, anticorrosive works, reinforcement steel assembly, formworks, drywalls installation services, construction works – concreting started it’s activity in 1949, as a state company subjected to Management of State Local Industry of Łódzkie region, functioning under the name:

Modern Heating Insulation” with headquarter in Łódź, 70 Świerczewskiego street.

After several ownership transformations and changes of the name and headquarters (since 1967 Lambda’s headquarter is in Łódź, Morgowa 9 street), in its present form and name it works as LAMBDA SA since 18th February 1993. 

LAMBDA since early nineties creates also group with FORMAT Urządzenia I Montaże Przemysłowe Sp. z o.o. and FORMAT Baustahl- und Konstruktionsverarbeitubgs GmbH.

It should be noted, that despite changes relating to the subject of activity, as a result of constant need for above mentioned works, the company continued in constant way its performance of services as demanded among our clients.

Lambda provides services in chemical plants, nitrogen plants, heating plants, power plants (including nuclear power plants), pharmaceutical plants, oleo chemical plants, refineries both in Poland and abroad (Iraq, Morocco, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, France, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, Ukraine). Our services are as well provided on projects like tunnels, viaducts, bridges, stadiums, underground railways, windmill foundations, residential and public buildings.   

To provide appropriate quality of performed services the President of the Lambda S.A. decided to  elaborate, implement and maintain:

  • Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 norm
  • Environment Management System based on ISO 14001 norm
  • Occupational Safety and Health Management System based on ISO 18001 norm.

Implemented ISO Systems are realized by all sectors.

Lambda has also Reinforcement Plant certified by NordCert certificate in Łódź.