We received quality certificate AFCAB for reinforcement steel assembly. Regularly we are undergoing external and internal audits, as well as controls on construction projects. These controls cover identification of drawings, steel deliveries and reinforced elements before concreting. Our quality control system is certificated according to ISO 9001.

Steel delivered to projects should have an attest, which states the type, plasticity, diameter and length of delivered steel. Installation of reinforcement is executed strictly according to construction drawings. We perform two-step control of reinforced elements before concreting them. Scope of works for reinforced steel assembly:

  • connection of bars (bending by lashing wire, or welding)
  • on construction site or in prefabrication area 
  • welding works are performed by certified welders, having appropriate permissions. In modern construction, there are also welded and heat sealed connections.
  • placing of reinforcement in formwork (installation on work place and inserting prefabricated elements into formworks
  • installation of bars into formwork

For reinforcement tying, we use lashing wire (diameter up to 1,6 mm) and appropriate high-quality pliers (manual tying, which we think is the best and strongest solution). We make knots: simple, crossed, double crossed, double row.

Tying of reinforcement steel is an activity, which can’t be mechanized, that is why we bind lashing wire only by hand!